Most Challenging Moment

For two weeks I asked one person every day the same question: “Can you describe to me the most challenging moment of your life?”

With this question for the past two weeks, I discovered a new aspect about this project. Through this question, I realized that people actually feel comfortable talking to a random stranger about personal topics. Going into the project I thought that people would be much more reserved and be much more hesitant to tell a random stranger about his/her life. With this question, the participants certainly proved me wrong.

Each person lives a different life filled with his/her own individual defining experiences, and I think this question in specific really demonstrates to me the essence of the #14Strangers project. Check back in another two weeks for 14 more strangers.


2 thoughts on “Most Challenging Moment

  1. This is a really interesting project you have going here. However, I am not as surprised that so many people were willing to talk about their most challenging moments, as they are usually something to be proud of after overcoming them.

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