One Change in Life

For two weeks I asked one person every day the same question: “If you could change one past event in your life, what would it be?”

For some strange reason, these past two weeks were even more difficult than the previous times. Usually people are extremely willing to participate in my project, however this time around, it took three or four people to actually get one person to agree to join in the project. Maybe it was just beginners luck for my first video. But hey, once again, I’m really pleased with the responses I got.

I thought it was particularly interesting with this set of answers that there was only 1 person out of probably the 25 people I asked that said, “I regret nothing in my life so I don’t think I’m the one to take part in this project.” I thought that more people wouldn’t have any regrets in life, but it turns out, people really have things that they would’ve done differently. This time around, I also started to pass out sheets of paper to the participants with the URL of this project. So if I asked you a question and you are watching yourself on video right now, I salute you and apologize for having an awkward conversation with you.

Check back on April 23rd for a new round of responses to a new question. If you have a suggestion for a future question leave a comment! I’ll be going to Florida for spring break so all you Floridians out there, you better watch out, because 14 Strangers is coming to you.


10 thoughts on “One Change in Life

  1. I actually have thought about this before and was talking to someone about it earlier. It may sound bad but I think that if I could change one thing it would be that I punched more people in the face, of course more would mean more than zero which is the number as it stands now.

    The reason I would change that is when I was a kid I worked really hard to stay out of conflicts. I would acquiesce to others because I was afraid to get into fights. It would have felt so good to just one time look one of those jerks in the face and take a swing. I realize that sounds bad, but that is my one regret.

  2. I enjoyed watching this agin, I still thinks this is a great idea. You will learn a lot from people simply by asking these questions. I think this is a great thing to do and a great way to learn about other people.

  3. The reason why you didn’t have as many people participate is probably because the question you asked was more personal this time around. Also, I don’t find it that odd that only one person out of 25 said he/she had no regrets; I’m only 16 and I already have quite a few things that I have regretted not doing.

    • Slight misunderstanding. People didn’t want to participate even before I asked the question. I basically confront a stranger and say, “Excuse me, I recently started a project in which I ask a random stranger a question each day. Do you mind if I ask you a question?” From there a lot of people said “no” this time around. More than last time.

  4. Another fabulous edition. I am loving these. I agree with the comment that this time your question was more personal. I have also read Cliff’s clarification. Could it be that you need to put a word or two in front of “project” when you say that you have started a “project”? For example, could you define it as a “student project” or a “youth project”, something like that?

  5. Joe, I don’t think I will ever get over this project. It’s an incredible idea that produces truly thought provoking responses. You get strangers to share incredibly personal things about their lives to help inform you and others. Congratulations on such incredible results so far.

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