Personality Change

For two weeks I asked one person every day the same question: “If you could change one thing about your personality what would it be?”

If you noticed the videos carefully, you’ll see there are two speakers that directly contrasted one another. One person said that he wishes that he was a little more reasonable with the the way he has dealt with anger while another person said that he wished he was a little more expressive with the way he has dealt with anger. The grass is always greener on the other side. Whether it’s your best friend’s outlook on life or your rich neighbor’s house, it always seems that the other person has the better position. It’s important to stop comparing oneself to anyone else. It’s even more important to realize that no matter what happens in life, there’s always a “good” and “bad” way to look at it. So for the next two weeks, instead of beating down on yourself for something you don’t like about yourself, just think that there’s someone that wishes they had those exact “fortunes” that you have.

Starting on Monday the 23rd, I’ll be traveling to Nicaragua! You’ll get to see some #14Strangers clips in spanish with english subtitles. Let me know what you thought of this weeks video and leave some possible #14Strangers that you’d like to see for Nicaraguans!


One thought on “Personality Change

  1. I’m sure everyone has some trait that they wish they had. But, I think that personality is something that is actually possible to change by putting effort, unlike immutable things like illness and past events. Therefore, I think that unlike some of the previous questions, this one is very relevant, even for the ones answering themselves because like the old saying goes, “Better late than never.”

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