For two weeks I asked one person every day the same question: “Can you describe to me a way in which you are different from everyone around you?”

First off, so sorry about not posting yesterday! The end of the school year gets extremely hectic, so it wasn’t until today that I was able to compile all the videos together!

Secondly, I think for some reason, the past two weeks was the most that people opened up to me. Although it may not seem like some of the responses were as deep as previous videos, many of the participants continued to talk about themselves after the camera stopped recording. Many people told me stories about their life that you wouldn’t expect a stranger to open up to another stranger about. I think this really just exemplifies the fact that sometimes, people just need someone to talk to. It’s not everyday that adults vent about what they are thinking about, and maybe what people need sometimes is just another body to talk to.

Check back in two weeks!


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