The Beginning

Think about how many times per day that you pass by a stranger and simply pretend like you didn’t see them. You keep on with your daily routine without acknowledging their presence.  Each person that you pass has their own specific story and unique experiences that they have lived through. Each person has seen different scenarios and lived through different lives. Each person has something that you can learn from. Each person has their own special wisdom. Ignoring strangers isn’t necessarily bad, but think about how much you could learn by simply asking one question to the stranger you passed by at the supermarket.

The world is a bustling place but it doesn’t mean that it has to be an unwelcoming one too.

That’s why I started 14 Strangers. My plan is to think of a thought provoking question and ask that same question to 14 strangers; one stranger each day for 14 days. Each person will have 30 seconds to think of a response to the question and after 30 seconds of thinking, the film starts rolling and their response will be recorded. At the end of the 14 days I’ll think of a new question and repeat the process. 14 new strangers. 14 new days.

By the end of a year of this project I’ll have met 365 new people and gained 365 new perspectives. Every two weeks I’ll post a video of the responses I received and give you some insight about the process and the people I’ve met.

So here we go I guess. Awkward conversation: initiate.

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7 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. This is a very cool idea! Can’t wait to see it in action! Oh, and I know you had trouble picking a theme, but I like this one. Very modern and sleek.

  2. Hi Joe! This sounds really interesting; can’t wait to see the outcome of this project. I remember you showing us the TED talk in Bioethics last year about the 1 Second Per Day project; I had been really inspired and impressed by the commitment needed for that and made my own version of it. Instead of using a 1 second video clip from each day I had taken a picture each day and put them all together using iMovie. Although Cesar Kuriyama’s intention of the project was to have something that would remind him of each day and the little things he had done, I found that this project also teaches you commitment and dedication. I have a bad habit of not finishing everything I start, but this project was different. Today is day 295 and I have yet to forget a day. Your idea to interview a stranger a day sounds like a really cool idea and I hope it goes well! How did you come up with the idea?

    • Glad you kept up with 1 Second! I think I mostly got the idea from just looking around. I just started to think about how every person has their own story and reasoning for everything they do. So I decided to develop some questions! So far it’s been great!

    • I’m jealous that you kept up with your 1 picture, Amy! I started #365project (a similar challenge…photo a day for a year) and gave up after a couple weeks. I felt like all I was doing was taking pics of my cats and my food, so I stopped. Maybe I’ll start up again!

      • It’s all about what is important in your life. So if you feel like nothing is important enough, then you have to go out and do something that is important! I think you should start up again

  3. Yeah, after a few weeks I started to get bored. Since it was summer I had more time and I made myself do interesting things that I felt were worth taking a picture of. It makes things more fun and I’m really glad I’m still doing it. :)

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